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With experienced taxation outsourcing professionals at the helm having worked with a variety of US-based tax clients over the years, Greenbucks Accounting has the savvy and resources to accurately calculate tax liabilities, and lay the groundwork by preparing tax returns for the following ilk of clients:
  • Individuals – Form 1040,Form 1040NR
  • Non-profits – Form 990
  • Partnerships – Form 1065
  • Estates and trusts- Form 1041
  • Corporations – Form 1120/1120s

Our outsourced tax preparation services help you get away from the clutter and chaos of going through hordes of paperwork and processing tax returns. Owing to the wealth of experience and expertise our team possesses on the taxation outsourcing front, we are able to take care of the aforementioned without breaking a sweat. By enabling you to decrease your review time, we open up the possibility for you to pursue business expansion activities.

Through our emphasis on keeping in touch with the latest that’s going on in the tax legislative arena, our outsourced tax preparation service intends to make otherwise complex taxation rules simple for you. Our accountants are well-trained and can get to work as soon as they have all the necessary documents laid out in front of them. While you work on expanding your business and pursuing new possibilities, we help your tax preparation ticking along and have got you covered.

When you outsource to our tax preparation services, we guarantee the highest degree of efficiency and diligence on our part as we believe in aligning ourselves with the ambitions of our partners. We have undertaken every measure to ensure that your data remains safe and there are no oversights. Our premises are strictly monitored with the aid of surveillance and protocols are in place to hinder any malicious intent.

Our outsourced tax preparation services are extremely easy to avail. All you have to do is send in the necessary documents and we will take it from there!