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Accounting is at the heart of any well-run company. We make sure your books are in balance and error-free by taking care of everything from bank reconciliation and invoicing to cash flow management and year-end reporting. We also seamlessly integrate into your preferred systems.


Bookkeeping can be a monotonous task for many bookkeeping and CPA firms that cater to small and mid-size businesses and start-ups across the USA. It could be very time-consuming and tedious tasks for busy CPA firms. At the same time, bookkeeping services do not yield them the required profit margins. This is exactly where we STEP-IN and make this a WIN-WIN proposal for you and your clients. Our expert offshore bookkeepers are well trained and qualified in handling end-to-end bookkeeping processes, starting from recording the transactions, bank reconciliation to preparing periodic financial statements. Our bookkeepers can handle the assigned tasks of any magnitude or complexity with precision and on-time delivery. With in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of accounting, tax and laws, we act as your growth catalyst. You can rightly depend on us not just for bookkeeping services, but also as a trusted back-office advisor in all aspects of yourbusiness to maximize your ROI.

Accounts Receivable Management

Greenbucks Accounting provides efficient accounts receivable services to improve your liquidity, reduce your cost of bad debts and improve your lending capacity. We record your invoices and customer interactions so that you get paid on time. Our comprehensive back-office services include estimate and invoice generation, preparing customer statements, generating customer aging reports, and maintaining customer relations. Outsourcing your accounts receivable services to Greenbucks Accounting assures you cash flows at timely intervals.

Accounts Payable Management

Greenbucks Accounting provides accounts payable services to all forms of businesses irrespective of the industry. We track purchase orders and bills for our clients and prepare vendor statements. Our services also include preparation of aging reports, setting up vendor payment online, issuing remittance advice and fund management for accounts payable. We make sure you never breach payment terms with your clients.

Payroll Services

Greenbucks Accounting offers efficient payroll services by ensuring liabilities are correctly calculated. Our back office payroll services includes pay calculations taking into consideration reimbursements, deductions, payslip generation, amount to be withheld for federal &state income tax, social security & Medicare contribution amount. We also provide tax return preparation services. Our expert payroll team provides customized services based on the nature and other vital aspects of each client’s operations, which results in minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

Bank Reconciliation

In order to reconcile your bank statement with your books of accounts we record all transactions from your bank, match vendor invoice with your ledger, journal entries, sequencing of checks, and review the checks deposited, issued, cleared and cancelled. Here is a list of the credit and bank reconciliation services that we offer –

Management Accounting

We understand how important it is for the Management to have relevant, accurate data in a timely manner for making appropriate informed decisions for their company. We provide the following Management Accounting services to our clients:

Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis

We meticulously prepare Financial Reports and undertake the below mentioned services for all our clients, based on their needs:


We at Greenbucks Global have a team of experienced professionals who have many years of experience in serving US tax clients. We can calculate the tax liability and prepare the following tax returns besides undertaking tax planning for various clients: