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An audit is the most trusted barometer by which a company can provide assurance of its credibility to a prospective lender or when preparing for a sale or merger. It gives the concerned entity a clear financial picture. Audits must be carried out with the utmost precision because the company’s credibility is on the line. Audit tasks are very analytical, and hence can be very time consuming and costly fora CPA firm. That’s where our audit support outsourcing capabilities come in handy. Our expertise lies in efficiently processing audit working papers, so as to ensure no deadlines are missed and errors are eliminated.

It’s worth noting that every firm requires a different level of assurance, which is why we offer three different assurance services: audit, review, and compilation. You can determine which level of service is ideal for you, depending on the availability of time, resources and expertise at your end.

Scope of our services

  • Conducting Pre-audit assessment to identify the gaps and plan the audit support task efficiently.

  • Rolling forward of electronic audit file on Audit software

  • Migration from traditional excel audit file to electronic file

  • Performing casting procedures on accounts for internal consistency, mathematical accuracy, and agreeing on lead schedules with final accounts

  • Ensuring compliance with accounting standards and other applicable laws.

  • Communicating and interacting with the audit client in order to resolve queries.

  • Prepare checklists to report mistakes to the onshore audit team so that the financial statements and future accounts can be adjusted as needed.

  • Assisting the CPA firm in preparing Audit report.

  • Making sure that timelines for closure of audit as fixed by company is met.

Why choose us?

  • We have a team of experienced and well-trained accountants, especially in US GAAP.

  • We have high-end software skills that offer us a leg up on the competition when it comes to increasing overall efficacy and delivering positive results on time.

  • Our stringent data security policies and controls ensure that your information is safe and secure, with no gaps. Surveillance is used to keep an eye on our premises, and measures are in place to prevent any nefarious intent.

  • Operating costs can be reduced by up to 60%.

FAQs for Audit Support Services

It entirely depends on the quantum and complexity of the audit and the level of services required.
  • Previous year’s Audit working papers
  • Previous year’s signed accounts
  • Previous year’s disclosure and other checklist
  • Changes in the board and group structure

We can get the audit work done for you quickly without compromising on the quality of work. The service when outsourced to us will be cost efficient and time efficient for you. Due to the time zone difference, we are awake and working away while you’re asleep, meaning that by the time you’re back in office, you’d have your work laid out ready on your desk.

Make use of our services to free up your time and scale up your geographical reach.