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6 Practical Tips to Successfully Manage Outsourced Remote Accounting Team

6 Practical Tips to Successfully Manage Outsourced Remote Accounting Team

Hiring & building a remote team to outsource your accounting activities helps to create a dedicated team to manage your accounting and financial processes without an actual physical office. Remote teams have several benefits, such as gaining access to more experienced accounting professionals, secure data storage, authorized data access, and increasing your business efficiency.

However, if you’ve just started working with a remote team or are considering hiring one, you might be worried about how to manage it. This article gives you some useful tips for the same.

Essential Tips for Accounting Outsourced Team

Here are some practical tips to seamlessly manage your remote accounting team.

Clearly State Your Needs

While onboarding your accounting team, be clear with them regarding the information you require to simplify their work and help you make educated decisions. Additionally, be transparent about the current condition of your accounting books and activities. You can also set up a meeting with your in-house accountants and your remote team. Finally, the onboarding process should give a clear idea of the expected goals of the outsourced accounting team.

Develop a Healthy Relationship Among Team Members

Before choosing an outsourced remote accounting team, clearly define the experience, qualifications, skills, etc. Plus, set up clear work-from-home guidelines and the timings when employees are expected to be available. Ask the potential remote team to present their portfolio aligning with your outsourcing goals.

This will help you know your outsourcing partner better and increase the team’s work efficiency. Once the team has started working, regularly give constructive positive and negative feedback to enhance its performance.

Maintain Proper Communication with the Remote Team

This includes setting up daily meetings on time slots that suit you and the team, using face-to-face video discussions to bridge communication gaps, and promoting open conversations to create healthy professional relationships. You can use meeting tools such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, etc. These steps will facilitate mutual understanding between your office and remote team and create a healthy working environment.

Simplify Information Transfer

Sharing sensitive financial and tax information through the internet involves several risks. Therefore, you need a secure medium to transfer and store this data. Applications like QuickBooks™, SmartVault, and various secure other cloud-based accounting software can help you seamlessly manage your clients’ financial data, save space, and ensure data safety and confidentiality. Plus, it helps you and your outsourced team save time searching and accessing files or attachments. You can also set up the software to ensure that the data can be accessed by authorized persons and set up safe data share pathways to prevent data breaches.

Strategic Monitoring and Follow-Ups

Despite outsourcing your accounting activities, you should review your financial and management reports to stay up-to-date about your firm’s performance and have educated insight into your operations. Follow up with your outsourced accounting team regarding any communication gaps and missed deadlines and analyze your financial reports for compliance, i.e., the numbers need to add up to prevent cash flow problems.

Have an efficient project manager

Along with using great tools, you need efficient management personnel, including skilled project managers, while collaborating with an outsourced accounting team. Your project manager is responsible for providing direction and vision to the team, controlling the scope of their activities, and managing any risks.

Collaborating with a remote outsourced accounting team can minimize your expenses and increase workflow efficiency. You might face initial difficulties, but following the tips shared in this article can make it easier to outsource accounting activities. Additionally, ensure that your outsourcing partners understand your outsourcing goals and match your working environment for the best results.

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